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Welcome! Yoshi's Melon Patch has been redesigned again. Hopefully, you all like the new colorful layout. Our new address is http://www.journeywood.com/yoshi/. Please update your bookmarks and links now, since the old url will not redirect you to the new site in the future. (Virtual Avenue, our previous host, will no longer be hosting free sites.)


One late afternoon in the year 1998, a little dinosaur scattered a handful of seeds onto a green field. This dinosaur, whom we know as Yoshi, slowly tended to his melon patch until his seeds grew to seedlings. The melon patch was born. We, the tenders to Yoshi's patch, have been working hard to make the patch a place for yoshi fans to stop and relax. Sit back under the shade of a tree, drink some punch, and have a melon. Please tell us that you stopped by.

Yoshi, the friend, cookie baker, space explorer, archaeologist, instrumentalist, and more is a video game character who has gone with us through through thick and thin, including fads, evolutions, Bowser invasions, tennis tournaments, multiple kidnappings of princesses, golfing trips, kart races, and perhaps even interdimensional travel. Read about some of his stranger adventures in the yoshi stories. You can learn more about yoshi in the about yoshi page.

Yoshi and his video game pals are copyright © Nintendo, of course.
Also please do not use any Yoshi fan art without permission of their respective artists.